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Merry christmas everybody! With that said, I've completed mapping the northlands today (The northern continent, the last remnant of the orignal map). Also on that note, I have completely reshaped the world to be less... Generic? Before, it used to be one big peice of land with vales, woodlands and mountains. The World Map Uplink can be found at the bottom of this post.

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I have a handful of maps that should take me less than an hour to finish off, after that, I have the decision to make between mapping out the rest of the world, start on the cities or start on the wilderness...
With the cities and wilderness, I'll need to make the tiles beforehand, and along with the wilderness, I'll have to do a couple of weeks of Theory work into the evoloution and adaption of MyWorld Flora and Fauna.
Money says I may wind up continuing to world map and get that all out of the way, whilst on the offdays, doing theory work.

*Maps = Gameplay areas.

>World Map Uplink<

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