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Mythlink is now available on Steam! Download the game today!

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That's right! After what, 5 years of development and then 2 (or was it 3?) tentative releases, Mythlink has finally been released! At a discounted launch price of $8.99 (normal price $9.99) the latest independently created VR game can be yours!

The Full Retail Release of Mythlink includes the following:

  • 3 completely unique Mythlink monsters to choose from, each with over 25 abilities.
  • Unique VR monster battling system
  • 6 different minigames, each with its own mechanic specially crafted to take advantage of roomscale virtual reality.
  • 3 different stats to level up your Mythlink using the minigames above, each of which gives distinct advantages during battle.
  • 1v1 PvP online play where players can battle other Mythlink Unities online using their very own custom battle loadout. Each Mythlink can bring up to 9 unique abilities into battle at once!
  • An offline battle training mode to test out the various mechanics of the different abilities.

Let's be honest, Pile Up alone is worth that steal of a price! Huge thank you to everyone who has been on the journey with me so far. I can't wait to see what the first year of Mythlink release brings!


Now let's talk the future, what is next and what can players look forward to? Here is a rough backlog list along with their priority. I've also added some quick tidbits on each of the items. Note that each task within a given priority is in no particular order.

Level 0 Priority


  • Bug fixes (ongoing)

Level 1 Priority


  • Gameplay balances and tweaks (ongoing)
  • Steam Achievements & Community Items (trading cards, etc., in progress)
  • Native Oculus Quest Support (Biggest VR market)
  • Engine Update (with XR Framework possibly?)
  • More Offline Battle modes (including A.I. battles)
  • Custom Battle Lobbies (play with friends, etc.)

Level 2 Priority


  • Ranked Battles
  • Networked Leaderboards/High Scores for Training games
  • Punch Junction Gameplay Improvement
  • Mythlink Room Customization Improvements
  • Improve Buttons/Sliders/General UI Elements

Level 3 Priority


  • Party Modes
  • Tournament Mode
  • Improved Tutorials (more explanation of battle mechanics)

Level 4 Priority


  • New Battle Mechanic! (There's a reason you can only equip 9 abilities instead of 10)
  • Mythlink Training Modes (I'm looking forward to this one)
  • More Player Training Modes

"Just Thinking About It" Priority


  • Better Method to Obtain Multiple Mythlinks (current method is suitable, but lame)
  • Expanded Voice Acting (adds a lot of life to the world)
  • Online Voice Chat
  • New Battle Stages
  • Companion Mobile App (got some really neat ideas on this one)
  • Graphics and Style Update (this one could come with a price increase)
  • Further Customization Options (Design your dorm room, Mythlink Cosmetics; Could come with price increase)
  • Networking Headset/Hand Positions (have tried this a bit already, caused online lag and was not worth it)
  • Hand Gestures (Already have the animations, just need to determine implementation)
  • Ability Priority System (some abilities could have higher priority than others, meaning they persist through instead of being cancelled)

Preview of the Level 1 Steam Badge currently being worked (colorless icon):

Level 1 Badge

At the end of the month, it will be time for the annual retrospective as we look back on 2022 and forward to 2023.

Here's to the launch of Mythlink. Thank you for all of the support!


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