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Mystic Kingdoms is back and better than ever! We are working on a fully custom engine, and after that its smooth sailing until release!

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Okay… so we finally have some news on this project. It was dead for a while, but life sparked in it once more. We are currently working on building our own engine, fully custom, we will be making Mystic Kingdoms with that, as well as selling the engine.
Firstly lets discuss this new engine. It is essentially a “noob” friendly game development tool. It specializes in extremely simple scripting (almost like plain English) which has extraordinary speeds. The engine will feature two small demos, one for an online MMO type game, and one for a simple FPS. That for now is all you need to know, but keep it in mind if you are interested in game development.
The game has a few core structure changes, to us it is much better, but we would rather hear from you what you think! So, with that said, you may expect our next update to be next weekend, and that is when we will discuss these changes. Thanks for being patient! -Michael S

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