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Mysteria 2 is puzzle reflexion dark need intelligence thinking game, 60 levels of brain teasers, made by an independent game developer "Hommade games".

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Mysteria : Play and think !

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puzzles and Mystery !!

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A Young boy find himself in a unknown place. He heard a voice of girl from from afar, trying to get closer the door opens and the girl left in hurry dropping a pendant.
The pendant contain an old picture of that girl with a guy that he looks exactly like the young boy.
"why is she have a picture of me ? " the boy wander, "who is that girl ?"
"I must find out !"
The mystery begin

Meet awsome, fun,wise, scary, vicious and gentle characters


Mysteria 2 is a reflexion, puzzle game that use hint and riddle to deliver to you an awesome user experience.

Solving puzzle.
Open doors.
Meet and interact with other characters.

Think of a way to open the door
Think out of the box
Think positively

You can get a clue if you are stuck up
You can also force open the door if you really need to !

Enjoy the 60 levels of puzzles and riddles.

Best music ever from
- The sad piano from Author Gutturalgutfuck
- hejdå - Depressive Guitar from Author edtijo
- ChildhoodMusicBox from Author Shuinvy

Best characters assets from Sithjester :

Wonderful pictures of characters and scenes made by
- Rachid & Ahmed

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Mysteria 2
Hommade game (DZ)
By an independent game developer

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