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My return to development, has come based on many circumstances. I plan to explain them here.

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I went to school. I took classes in Computer Programming, Science, Art, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Psychology just to name a few. My major was Computer Programming - Applications Programming, but my real passion fits within... Well... Game development.

Through my life I've always had one constant, something I've always enjoyed and loved, fictional writing and storytelling. The truth is, I've always enjoyed videogames, and always have thought to myself "How can I make this game better", however difficult it was at the time, I began my long trot down the track of game development.

After a long, difficult, traversal through school, I find myself truly educated. Not from school, but from life itself. Now is the time to continue. Now I have the knowledge, the experience, the wisdom, and the foresight to develop complex structures without distraction or deviation.

A fool enters a path without first examining its scope, and an even bigger fool travels the path. I would have been a fool to enter this environment, without first understanding how, and I'd be an even bigger fool to attempt a completed title without understanding everything I need.

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