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My opinion about the old school games I played on my childhood.

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Well, My first videogame was a PS1, oh boy htat was the best I've ever had, I bought a game almost eveyrday, I had some fun laying Alien, Tarzan an GTA 2 on it. The next one was a N64, I haven't had many games, since I couldn't find cartridges for it, but my preferred games were Mario Kart and Zelda Majora's Mask.

I haven't lived on the gold age of the videogames, the NES, the Mega Drive, those are simply the videogames I wish I could put my hands on, today I only can play those in my friends house who has a 20 year old brother that had those classic consoles.

I really think these times can't just have a Game Over, that's why I made this site, so then I can Reset and bring those good old times again for me and for you.

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