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I proudly present my latest LD Entry - Charge Negative. Theme - Unconventional Weapon. Try it On-Line ;)

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Hello Guys

I would like to present to you my new game I created for Ludum Dare 32

Charge Negative

It took ~25 hours to complete.
Theme this time was Unconventional Weapon.

The game is available in Download and on LudumDare page:

So if weapons are for killing/hurting the enemy, an unconventional weapon might HEAL him.
And I made a game where player shoots a bullets that hurts him but heals the enemy.


- Orange Orb shoots Orange bullets, and they hurt him, but they HEAL the enemy
- Same goes for Blue Orb

- Orange Orb has to catch blue bullets to survive and avoid orange (his) bullets
- Same goes for Blue Orb

- if the Orbs get to close to each other they'll get sucked into another by forcefield
- escape forcefield ASAP, as it is killing all bulets (good or bad) in sight and kills Orbs faster

Whoever survives the longest, wins!


As always, any feedback apreciated ;)


[F] - Full Screen

Player vs Player
1st player - WSAD
2nd player - Arrows

Player vs CPU
1st player - WSAD or Arrows

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