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As some of you have known, for reasons Moddb has yet to announce to me, they have deleted the Revisioned page without so much as even sending me a warning notification that I've violated something and I have X amount of time to fix it. I'm trying to resolve the problem and get it back up.

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As the summary says, my mod has been deleted and this could not come at a worse time due to me being away in North Carolina to see my dying grandfather. I come see him, nearly stressed out and him heavy on my mind and then I come back to see that my shit has been deleted without a notification as to why. I thought there'd be an inbox of why your mod would be terminated but I have NOTHING. If it's because ONE guy was asshurt over some content from other games, he clearly has NOT seen the other mods with other blatantly obvious content. I'm not going to call them out of of fear that they'd be deleted as well, but shit, I've seen obvious CoD MW2 bodies on Hgrunts, CoD faces even, HL 2 content, etc. Yet this guy has NEVER bitched about it, just only the ReVisioned project that has kept that kind of content to a minimum. THREE items out of a game. (The BF2 Viper, The Assault Apache, and the CoD4 NVG mount) Whoo! Three things when the other mods I know have a fuckton more. But hell, like I said, I'm working around to see what I can do to get the mod back up and running again. If the Viper and Apache need to be deleted and replaced, then so be it. HOWEVER, if 3 little items I've used in the pack is enough to get deleted, then the other mods that have more blatant content ripoff than I do should never see the light of day with Moddb's logic. Do I wish that? Hell no. Not trying to be egotistic or anything but why target the mod that's been probably the least guilty of it?

Whatever. Hang tight guys. We'll get the word of the status of my mod soon enough.


This mod had quite a lot of work put into it. It wasn't hurting a soul and it certainly wasn't causing anybody to lose any money. Rips were kept to an explicit minimum because we were well aware that -blatantly- ripping was easy and uncreative. This mod was nicely made while being different at the same time, which is why it garnered quite a bit of a fanbase from the community. But due to the actions of certain people I'm not going to name, it was deleted apparently for unknown causes. Was it comments section? The helicopters? We don't know. The moderator could have at the very least given a reason why so whatever happened isn't repeated in the future. Yes, the terms of use says they can virtually handle it anyway they want to, but it isn't hard to show some courtesy. And if it really was because of the meager three rips that were in this pack, like he said up there, there's a multitude of other Half-Life mods that are made up of 90% ripped content. Not targeting anyone in particular, but it is a fact. Anyway, I hope this can be resolved soon.

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Indeed Moddb moderators suck at their jobs. Many Half Life mods had a lot blatant content ripped from other games and none of them were deleted before this.

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