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We are pleased to announce the release of the My Little Pony Pack!

The My Little Pony Pack (i.e., My Little Mechwarrior: Destruction Is Magic) adds 13 new variants of various battlemechs, each sporting the iconography and colors of My Little Pony, from the Mane 6 to more notable characters, such as Princess Luna and even Derpy, Spitfire, and Big McIntosh!

It also contains a number of decals made from the ponies' "cutie marks" and other notable logos from the series and its supporters.

Spice up your mechwarrior battles with some peace and love, and rub the opposition's face in it before you melt it off of them!

All credit to Hasbro for the creation of My Little Pony, as well as several DeviantArt artists for creating vector designs upon which the decals' original imagery is based.

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