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I'm a 16-year old game developerm, i've made my second game Pocket Animal Catch. Through the years if learned alot about making apps and websites and the most important thing: marketing. In my 4-years of experience with making apps and websites i haven't had any success yet. So i'm trying to apply my experience (especially marketing) to make a succesfull app.

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Hi all,

I'm a 16 year old guy who loves making apps and websites. I was born in the Netherlands and started making websites when i was 12. When i was 15 years old i quit making websites because i got bored of it. So i became interested in making games, especially for the phone. So i was looking for a game engine. When i found Unity i started learning the engine. Well after learning the game engine for 2 weeks i wanted to create an app. I had a great idea in my head. I started making a design of it and i just began. I had 0% experience of coding or even working with the engine except for using it for two weeks. So i worked in small steps to complete the idea that i had in my mind. After 5 months of hard work the game was finished. I uploaded it to the Play Store and nothing happens, actually a sad story. So because i had only 18 downloads it bothered me and i quit making games. I began again with developing websites.

When Pokemon GO was released in the summer of 2016 it motivated and inspired me to start making games again. So i wanted to make something similair: Pocket Animals GO. A game were you can find real life animals in your neighborhood and catching them with augmented reality. I came up with the idea 3 months ago. Again i had no experience, it was all gone by the time i didn't do anything with making games. So the whole story began again. Well i made a design again and just started, did alot of research and after 3 months it was considerable done. Well nowadays i've more knowledge about SEO and marketing. So i learned that making an product is one, it is actually 50% of the job, the other 50% is marketing. I'm still learning the marketing way and trying different things. In all these years i haven't got any succes at all. So my number once goal is to make a successful app, successful means for me 10.000 downloads. That would blow my mind ;)

I would really appreciate if you guys want to check out my latest game:

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