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Don't really have a name but info on this (and see screenshots)

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I am redoing this mod, it will still remain similar to the old version (which is still available, for now, below) I'm going for a more default hw2, but with the improvements I think are right for gameplay.

1. Hiigaran will still have the pulsar interceptor, assault corvette, and heavy gunship. A pulsar platform has been added in.
2. Vaygr will still have the flechette corvette (well now pulse-laser corvette since most of the default weapons are replaced), lance frigate, and barrage frigate. Vaygr of course now get a lance platform.
3. Taiidan stays as the 3rd race, but this time are going to be amped to a more "HW2" feel in ship armaments (capship defense guns and modules for example)
4. Research stays like default HW2, though my improvement tech for weapons will stay. Will be more things too, just havn't done them.

new .big

not everything i have in mind is implemented yet, this .big is to get this out as a playable release with the 3 current races and their new fx, sfx, etc...


there are now installation instruction why there is none?

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Triikor Author

Well I figure that if you care about mods that you know where to put the .big file and use the shortcut (or edit it if your HW2 directory is different)

You install by putting the .big in your HW2 directory's Data folder, then launch HW2 with the shortcut.

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Triikor Author

Also if your HW2 directory path is different from my shortcuts Target path you'll have to fix that.

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