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A custom skin to replace Ezio's default robes with the "Canon" one.

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Hello! This is my first mod so please bear with the inaccuracies because I'm just a newbie in the modding scene. This is my take on Ezio's ACB outfit. Many fans, including myself, have been wanting to play ACB with Ezio's default look from the trailer and even the game demos Ubisoft has showcased prior to the release of the game. This is my attempt so far, and I am open to any other further improvements and suggestions. Also, I'm only calling it "canon" because I saw a comment on a Youtube video about the default ACB game Ezio robes, calling the one Ezio wears in the AC3 opening cinematic "canon" and I totally believed that it should have been, so yeah!

For the robes, I based it off of various promotional media from the game, most notably, I also took inspiration from Ezio's appearance in the AC3 opening cinematic and from the first image posted here. The spaulder was also based from those inspirations, but I also took inspiration from a video I found on Youtube, the Gamescom 2010 demo of ACB. There are instructions included in the file, just open the text file and follow them. Enjoy gaming!

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