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After months of hardly working we're presenting you another big update of "Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge".

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After months of hardly working PerfetTeam is back and proudly presenting you a brand new stuff from "Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge". For this update you must wait over four months. So be prepared, because our modellers never sleeps (propably sometimes, when we don't see) and they are creating tons of great models...

What happened in our modification during this time? Well as I said before - our modelers make huge progress with model for each faction and sub-faction. We had more in-game models, which are also well animated.
First at all I will show you units wich are currently in-game. Thanks to our programmers they are now animated correctly.

Dragonfly G - re-textured Anaconda ATV
now they are working correctly...

On left we got Mutants' standard artillery Dragonfly G in his new texture. To be reminded – it is armed with long-range rockets, it can shoot all rockets at medum range at once – this kind of attack is very strong but we have to wait for a long time until weapon reload mechanisms will be becoming fully operational. On right - it's Anaconda ATV. Anaconda is a kind of scout/hit and run unit which is cheap and simple. It is produced by merging some old buggy chassis with even older Avenger Anti-Air missile system. Although it's not armored at all and has very weak weaponry it is fast and not so complicated as many other vehicles in this class. Those two units are currently in-game with fully animation sequences.

Next I'll show you the new units from the arsenal of, in turn - Mutans, Brotherhood of Nod and GDI. Acually we're working on created fortifications for each faction.

Wall Hub and Wall Segment
"All in all it's just another brick in the wall [...]"

Wall Hub
also known as Component Tower and Wall Segmen. Hard, reinforced-concrete structures are able of stopping most of enemy attacks and modular system of hubs (just like old GDI component towers) is able of housing variety of defensive weaponry ranging from Vulcan auto-cannons to missiles and flak AA guns. You can upgrade Component Towers of diffrent types of defense buildings.

Vulcan Cannon

Vulcan Cannon is massive dual 5-barrelled gattling-type gun turret is Mutants main anti-personnel defence. Each base is guarded by at least 3 or 4 of these.

Flak Cannon

Flak Cannon is advanced version of anti air defence aging to World War II. This is bigger caliber gun, aimed by radar systems and rigged specially to hit modern hi-tech aircrafts hard.

Heavy Rocket Launcher

Heavy Rocket Launcher is an anti-armor component – armed with high-speed surface-to-surface rockets is able to scavenge many kinds of enemies' treats. It is important that launcher has been shot four rockets per salvo, however, a reload between each ones lasts respectively longer.

Seth Battle Tank
Battle Tank as always on duty!

Seth Battle Tank is rather a big type of tank in size ranging between Mammoth and Predator. It's a pretty weak armed unit - apparently. Each shell contains Tiberium-phosphorus mix, which acts in similar way to an extremely strong acid - sweeps minerals from buildings making them crusty, and circumstantial product is gaseous compound that is lethal to any life forms - that's why it's advised to aim in the windows as it is even more effective at clearing buildings than Nod flamethrowers. It can be equipped with anti-personnel grenade launcher.

Amphibious APC

Where I should go with those guys?

Amphibious APC is a fast carrier what houses several soldiers' squads who are trained for amphibious assault against enemies. Since lack of guns, a solid armor and powerful Tiberium-powered engines are causing that this vehicle can run from more dangerous areas or also drop elite commandos in same center of enemy base (even at faraway islands!).

Harpy Gunship [without update] Harpy Gunship [with update]
Harpy Gunship ready to flight!

Mutants also had their own airforces. One of the characteristic units is Harpy Gunship.This light chopper is one of the relicts from second war, which has been called to the duty for the next time. The weak weaponry has been replaced with two double-barrel autocannons, equipped with API ammo, and, sometimes, also with the new, completely mutant-origin, tiberium-reactive rocket launchers. Although it has almost completely no armor and will never keep up with venoms or orcas in terms of speed, it can surely overtake them in terms of firepower and the low price means it can be mass produced.

Mutants Field Support Vehicle Mutants Field Support Vehicle unpack into Outpost
Those lands belongs to Mutants!

Mutants expansion is not just a bloody massacre. They're built they own Field Support Vehicle wich transforms into Outpost. This is the Mutants' answer for all the mobile outpost arrays used by all other factions. Unlike them, it is an aerial unit, which means it can reach its destination about twice to three times faster than its counterparts. After deploying it activates it's metal-storm turret which is effective against infantry and light armored vehicles.

Valkyre [before flight] Valkyre [in flight]
Valkyre awaits for something to destroy...

The new model and new name for the well-known here unit with the work name of Banshee MK2. Now it's Valkyre... It now has dual guns, no missiles (as the specialized air-interception craft is being also developed for all factions) and wings with adjustable geometry. And, what's more, the more alien-look, like you all asked for. The other parameters have not been changed - it's still fast, lightly armored craft, able of destroying equivalent of GDI APC with one salvo.

Steel Fang
I am big boy... with rockets...

Steel Fang is an advanced anti-aircraft vehicle to serve GDI Iron Fists duties. Powerful radars and a lethal weapon is terrored everything what can fly – proton-core rockets can knock down any aircraft and an experimental electronic-marker system gives a possibility to trace the target even when it has used a camouflage – now whole squadrons of Vertigo bombers are flying in a pale fear!

Fallen Angel - Screen No.1

Silence kills you...

Angels-1 faction has always been admired among the Scrin race for its aircraft legions development. So it isn't wondered that other faction - Awakened – specializing in adapting for other planets' conditions, has been drew attention to their fighters. This has been provoked a certain incident. A small group of the Awakened's forces silently invaded in the Angels territory and shot down their patrolling fighter. Then, in a heart of their lands, they isolated aircraft’s genetic information and then made some modification. Then code has been replicated and used to larvaes' procreation – these ones have been able to be grown up for the best adaptation for planets' climate with ease. Since all genetic changes, when the adult fighters have been come to Earth they can attack only ground targets since aircrafts' weapon has been similar to Stormrider's one. But it emerged more powerful than all Angel's arms. Tough but light-weight armor increases combat abilities of new monster. Named by the humans "cabin" head is located by powerful psionic, EM and pressure systems. A sight has become virtually unnecessary. After discovering these beasts parentage, Angels-1 Supervisors raged so really strong that armed conflict nearly came. To highlight Angels' fighters' genom "corruption" they called them Fallen Angels.

Many of you probably remember the characteristic buildings from Tiberian Sun. Well... Classic buildings from Tiberian Sun have waited for port to our mod! Old good times back!

Civilian Buildings - Screen No.1

Finally, the new portion of in-game screens, together with our new units:

in Game Screen No.16 - in Game Screen No.17 -
in Game Screen No.18 -

What more can I say? Remember to visit us regularly, because soon... Anyway, you will see for yourself...

... and of course - have a nice week!
~ Makintosh!


looks great! all of it! keep it up!

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even the word epic would say this is epic

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