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Information about the first release of the mod, and the main article.

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Summary of Mod Information

A relatively simple mod that adds a couple local modes to Mustafar, complete with unique weapons, gameplay, effects, and localization/names for the Mustafarian natives, the underrated bug people.

Mustafar - Hunt : Clone Wars features Clone Sharpshooters and Clonetroopers against Mustafarian Managers and Engineers in a classic Hunt Mode. The timer defaults to 5:00 minutes with a goal of 50 kills for each team. The only difference from normal hunt modes is that command posts can be captured.

Mustafar - Hunt : Galactic Civil War features a classic conquest mode featuring the Empire versus the Mustafarians. This is the main fun of the mod with a fleshed out, unique Mustafarian faction capable of going toe-to-toe in standard conquest against the Empire's Stormtroopers.


Here you can find quick summaries and pictures of the classes in the mod.

Mustafarian Miner:

miner 1

  • Primary Weapon : Mining Carbine
  • Secondary Weapon : Explosives Cluster
  • Description:
    • The Mustafarian Miner is the primary class of the Mustafarians. Armed solely with a hi-power blaster carbine and grenades, the Miner may appear mundane. Just as the grunt of any army, however, his weapons can certainly pack a punch, and the Miner gets the job done.

Mustafarian Brute:

brute 1

  • Primary Weapon : Explosives Launcher
  • Secondary Weapon : Enrage (Rage Buff)
  • Description:
    • The Mustafarian Brute, armed with an explosives launcher capable of firing in bursts of four projectiles before reloading, is an enemy to be feared. Capable of sustaining slightly more damage than the average Mustafarian, the Brute's strength lies in his powerful armament and his ability to boost his own and allies' damage outputs.

Mustafarian Maintenance Technician:

engineer 1

  • Primary Weapon : ARC Cutter (defense/repair modes)
  • Secondary Weapon : Deployable Autoturret
  • Description:
    • Any mining installation, and any defense force, needs some sort of engineer or maintenance technician on hand. The Mustafarian Maintenance Technician fulfills the usual role, except armed with an electrifying arc caster mode for his arc cutter/fusion cutter instead of the usual shotgun. Additionally, he is capable of placing down an autoturret to assist in the battle.

Mustafarian Manager:

manager 1

  • Primary Weapon : Mining Laser (pistol)
  • Secondary Weapon : Bacta and Ammo Dispenser
  • Description:
    • The Mustafarian Manager, unlike the other classes, is a Northern Mustafarian, who are generally taller and more spindly than their stockier, stronger Southern counterparts (as reflected in the Brute). The Manager is armed with a Mining Laser which fires a hi-power beam instead of a standard plasma blast, capable of dishing out significant searing to those unfortunate enough to be hit. For his allies, the Manager is capable of providing limited amounts of bacta and ammo to keep them in the fight.


bk2modder/angolandelegate - Mod Developer, model porting, etc.

Pandemic - Stock Assets

The Collective/LucasArts - Mustafarian Models (Revenge of the Sith)
Petroglyph/LucasArts - Mustafarian Model (Empire at War)

Free Radical - ARC Cutter Model (Battlefront 3)
Bioware - Blaster Carbine (Mining Carbine)
Darth Veritus - porting of said carbine
Gistech - A180 Blaster Pistol Model (Mining Laser)
Noctisspector - Plasma Cannon (Explosives Launcher)
Master_Luke - Gunner animations (Mustafarian Brute anims)


This mod is provided support free as a freely downloadable addon for the classic 2005 Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. I take no responsibility
for issues encountered or possible damage to your installation(s) of the game, operating system, or other computer files.


Head over to the files section to download!

External Download:

If ModDB servers/mirrors don't work or you just want to support the URL shortener:


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