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New playable characters, new story events, and new challenges and achievements await in a huge update to Mustache Ride!

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Mustache Ride is getting a huge update in the form of Mustache Ride v2.0: Rainbow Edition.

Rainbow Edition will contain several new features requested by fans of the game.

Mustache Ride: Rainbow Edition screenshots


Rainbow Edition will have some minor graphical tweaks, as well as revamped and remastered music and sound effects. The music and sound are also rebalanced (and no longer very soft). The rainbow trail aesthetic is part of what gave the update its unique name (as well as the new rainbow cards, and the colorful new playable characters).

Mustache Ride: Rainbow Edition screenshots


Rainbow Edition will contain new Mustache Cards to unlock. The requirements for these achievement-like cards were based off the highest scores obtained by the development and testing team, as well as the biggest fans who submitted their scores. You'll have to push the game to its limits to achieve the highest scores to unlock all of these.

Mustache Ride: Rainbow Edition more screenshots


Rainbow Edition will contain many new cafe scenes to enjoy. A new short story arc has been added for players who have already cleared the game, in which the scenes have unlock requirements beyond the regular ending. Finishing this story arc has a great reward, as well. At least one scene will be added to the regular cafe storyline, as well. This scene will be viewable even for players who have cleared the story, and will make sense no matter when it is viewed.

Mustache Ride: Rainbow Edition more screenshots


Rainbow Edition will contain new Mustache Pods for Alex to pilot, each with its own unique control scheme, while retaining the one-button gameplay that makes the game easy to learn but difficult to master. See the game dev blog for more details on the individual new characters.

Mustache Ride: Rainbow Edition more screenshotsMustache Ride: Rainbow Edition more screenshots

Mustache Ride: Rainbow Edition is planned to release on all current platforms. The Kongregate version will simply see an update, while other platforms will receive a new download version. The old version will remain online, but will no longer be supported. A GameJolt version including use of the GameJolt API (leaderboards and achievements) is planned.

The update's release date is still unknown. A playable beta of Rainbow Edition should be available soon.

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