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Hey guys, welcome to the News section! Our first news will include information about the Mod, the progress, a bit about the Campaign and about the new Music Player!

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So, about the Mod. This Mod aims to bring the Star Wars universe to the First-Person Shooter Counter-Strike: Source. It will change the weapons, players, muzzle flashes, sounds, hands, factions...
The Mod will be Imperials against Rebels, the Imperials instead of the Counter-Terrorists and the Rebels instead of the Terrorists.
Our progress is extremely slow. We need Coders, Modelers, Texturers, and Animators.
As you probably know, this Mod adds a Single Player Campaign with Live-Action Cutscenes. In it, you will play as a Rebel Commando. You can choose from 3 classes: Infiltrator, Guerrilla, or Marine. Each will feature it's own storyline, though some of the missions will be of the same offensive ( Like the assault on the Second Death Star ).
About the Music Player - It's a new feature to CS:S. It is activated when the UP arrow is pressed, and can be stopped by using the DOWN arrow. The LEFT and RIGHT arrows cycle through the songs. I will appreciate if you will upload songs that you think fit to, say, youtube and then post the link in the forum. We'd like to keep it StarWarsy though, but you will be able to easily add and remove songs you like.

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