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I talk about all four songs in my new Xbox 360 game, Starlight

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Music of Starlight

Now that I have most of the game finished, I thought that it might be a good time to show some of the music in the game. I have a few regrets about the soundtrack, but overall I think it gets the job done pretty well. Most of the tunes are a combination of live guitar and MIDI, except for the intro and final world. I'll talk a little bit about each one in further detail.


The intro melody is built off of a slow chord progression in the beginning, which is where the game displays my name, the game's logo, and etc. You can tell where the introduction animation starts, because it's right when the song gets into the main melody. From there, the rest of the song is repeated variations of the short catchy melody. The song continues into the main menu, and also plays during the "Special Thanks" sequence at the end.

World 1

This is the first song in the game where I used the live guitar, but the last one that I created. The original tune had a short and slow, guitar-only intro (I included it so that you can hear it), but I cut it off so that it would loop better. There are only two guitar phrases, which repeat a few times back and forth while the MIDI piano does it's thing. This is the most upbeat song in the game, and as a continuing trend the songs become progressively more subdued and sad.

World 2

This song uses a MIDI string and N64-Zelda-esque vocal track for the melody. The song is a bit slower than the first and quite a bit shorter as well, but the D minor and E minor chords on the guitar is mainly what makes this song sound sadder than the first. The strumming pattern on the guitar is repeated throughout the song, and changes when the chords do. I think that's what helps set it apart as well.

World 3

This song is all MIDI, although it was originally going to be a mix like the rest. I figured out the melody while messing around on the guitar, and I really liked the lonesome sound of the single-note picking, rather than the chords. Unfortunately, I was getting a lot of feedback while recording, and the buzzing from the mic ended up louder than the guitar, so I had to switch to MIDI to avoid the static noise. I also added to MIDI piano to accompany it, but I'm not sure if I like that more or less than the guitar alone. I also added the wind sound effect to add to the desolate feel of the song.

Well, that's about it, I'm glad to have gotten a music post out there! Hopefully you enjoyed it without seeing it in-game, but maybe I'll be able to show the music alongside the gameplay soon enough.


The intro sounds a bit sad, but nice job on the other songs!

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Great job getting some nice tunes in there. Music is so important!

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