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Accreditation for the authors of all the songs currently included in the game.

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Time Timmy is a one man (me) effort this far, as it is a very personal project. I struggle to get all the design, programming, and (extremely simplistic) graphics done by myself. However making decent music myself is completely out of reach, since I am no musician.
Taking this into account I decided to use several Creative Commons licensed preexisting songs, that I think fit my game the best. Of course, if Time Timmy ever makes it into a commercial release, this songs will be changed to an original soundtrack.
In order to credit the authors of the songs in my game, I will include the text that follows as a README file, since there is still no credits, nor there will be in a long time.

Music credits:

All the songs that are used in Time Timmy have been obtained under Creative Commons Licence. All credit goes to the respective authors of each song.If this project ever makes it into a commercial release, it will be with the permission of the authors of all the songs included, and probably with it's own original soundtrack.

  • Main title theme: Mike Alsop, Fairlight Headloc Remix, Psicotropicodelia
  • Map theme: City lights, Oleg O. Kachanko
  • Game over theme: Buggle Boggle, Darxenas
  • Prehistory stage theme: TELEPORTER, DANJYON KIMURA
  • Chance zone theme: Salsa tequila, azuria sky

Sound Effects:

Sound effects done with the free tool BXFR:

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