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Just a small update regarding the mod's music and content, proof that we're progressing!

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Hello Ronin!

I've been in contact with a number of people recently, discussing various aspects of the mod and indeed, trying to make this mod the absolute best it can be.

Firstly, you may have noticed that our team now consists of four members, rather than the two we started with. This is good news! As both the new additions (Jason and BloodRaideN) are certified in their field, so hopefully we'll have some impressive results of their labor to show you in the near future!

I spoke to BloodRaideN about helping our mod by creating assets like armor and weapons, wich he is pleased to do. He told me he has a passion for pre-modern Japanese culture (and is eagerly awaiting Shogun 2 Total war :P) and would find it fun and interesting to make authentic Japanese weapons and armor to see this mod get out there! Great encouragement comming from someone with a 2 year degree in games development!!

Jason and I are long time friends in the real world, He's recently become a certified studio recorder/mixer and is an accomplished composer in his own right (He's had several of his pieces published, even stuff too hard for HIM to play! haha).
I spoke to him about potentially getting our mod group time in a recording studio, to professionally record some music and/or vocals.
He was 100% for helping us out...However the downside is, I currently live in sydney, a city in a completely different state to Jason's Voice overs will have to wait til I go north for a while to recruit some talent...BUT as I'm unable to go up and compose/record some things on my own at the moment, Jason has agreed that whenever he has free time, he will turn his musical hands on composing Authentic sounding Japanese music for us!!

So, although I don't have any images our music for you all to listen to YET, I hope it's reassuring to read that we've made some amazing progress in a short time and this news gets you excited for the updates comming up in the next few weeks.


Like the BloodRaideN guy :P
Shogun Total War was the **** ;D
Hope i'll join in on the fun, too :D

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