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Two releases in less than a month is something we're collectively very proud of. We're hoping to keep up a similar pace when working on small grab n' go games.

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Two game releases within 30-days is a milestone I wasn't sure we'd ever achieve, let alone achieving it with our first two game releases.

Our first title, Oley Poley, launched on Google PLAY at the end of July. I would say the launch was mildly successful. With little-to-no PR presence or buzz, we've managed to hit 100 downloads on Google PLAY and our recent release on SlideME has netted us another 60 or so. Honestly, that's about 150 more downloads than I thought we'd get, so I'm very happy with the results thus far. I'm even more so satisfied with Oley's reception thus far. About a tenth of our users have rated the title, and it's sitting at a 4.9 rating overall. We're planning to port the game to iOS in the near future now that we've secured some Apple hardware, and who knows what will happen then!

Our second release, Barnstormers went live on both Google PLAY and SlideME this week. Within the first 48-hours Barnstormers is close to being our most successful game by-the-numbers. This time we experimented with not marketing the game whatsoever. The result has the SlideME marketplace firmly in the lead with eight times more downloads than Google PLAY. The user rating on Barnstormers is sitting at a perfect 5, but we've only had 7 ratings thus far. We'll again be looking to get Barnstormers onto iOS sooner rather than later.

Overall I feel very motivated by our early results, and I'm happy to report that we have a third game, that I'll be talking about very soon, in the pipeline! I'm hoping that moving forward, MurWare will have little victories like this along the way, and you never know, maybe we'll hit it big with one of our games!

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