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We developed a game server in C++ with a Unity3D plugin for Ralin, but we want to share it with you guys. We are also asking you if pvp is a good idea in our new forum on IndieDB.

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We worked on the multiplayer server this week and it's working very well at this point. I have to say that Max Wolter did a great job till now. The server is written in C++ and there is also a C# Unity3D plugin. The server software will run on Microsoft and Linux operating systems and we can use it for every game or genre. With our plugin for Unity3D we don't need to use other services like Photon. It is a real game server and without a compiled Unity Server.

Testing the multiplayer server

We tested the server with four game clients and it was a lot of fun. There is no attack or spell right now, watching the other guys running around like fools was a great experience. We did a small video to show you what it looks like:

Yes, the guy who talks in the video speaks french. We are very multinational.

The other great thing is, that we really want to give the server software and the plugin to you guys in the community. That means, we will put the source code on github with an open source license. Also we want to sell it at the Unity3D Asset store. Hope that it will help a lot of indie-developers to do multiplayer games.

There is a forum to talk to you about multiplayer and pvp ->

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