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How 3 and 4 player duels work, along with new rules to the cards and additional spells.

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If you're familiar with Grimslingers, you know that everyone's turn happens at the same time. If you're new to Grimslingers...well now you know!

This feature has made designing the game quite a feat, seeing as it's a turn based game...that kind of acts like a real time game.

I focused on making this work for 2 combatants for a good year, until I was ready to move onto 3 and 4 player duels. Adding 2 extra players, and teams, that all go at the same time was tricky, but alas! I have succeeded and you can read through the changes in the rulebook in the download section of the IndieDB profile.

Here's a snippet of how it looks (which is how it will also be programmed):

The Duel is broken down into 3 phases, which occur over again until all but one player has 0 hp. If there are only 2 players, do not use target cards. If you want to play 2v2, simply do so and don’t attack members of your team :)

Phase One - The Standoff

1. You may sacrifice health for energy. The conversion is 1 health for 1 energy.

2. You may use your Surge and/or Reactivate ability located on your Grim card. Deduct the energy costs immediately.

3. You may use your “Take Cover” ability. Details are located on the back of your Character Card.

Phase Two - The Draw

1. Select a spell and a target card. Play them face down and say “Ready!”. If your spell does not target a “single foe” you will still play a target card. If you are passing, play both a target card and a spell card.

2. When all players are ready, shout “Draw!” and reveal your cards. If you are passing, you must state so after all players have said “Ready!”. Immediately gain 2 energy for passing and pick your cards back up. If your card does not target a “single foe” do not flip over your target card.

3. Once all players have revealed their cards, check to see who is “opposed” and who is not. This means that if the player you have chosen has chosen you, you are opposed.

Phase Three - The Aftermath

In steps 3-4, if more than one player has played a card targeting the same thing, blue banner effects will be resolved first, then red. If two or more are the same type of banner, they must draw from the number deck to determine whose card is resolved first in that step. Lowest number goes first and so on. Re-draw if tied. Reshuffle the number card deck afterwards.

1. Reduce energy costs of the spell you played.
2. Resolve cards that target “self” and “team”.
3. Resolve cards that target “all players”.
4. Resolve unopposed cards targeting a “single foe”.
5. Resolve opposed cards targeting a “single foe” in the following sequence. If all players are opposed, both pairs can resolve their cards at the same time.

a. Blue Banner Effects
b. Blocks
c. Weaknesses
d. Face-offs
e. Red Banner Effects

6. If your energy tracker is at “Depleted”, take 1 damage.
7. Deactivate the card you played. Discard it if it was a signature spell.
8. Any cards that were deactivated during the previous turn are now reactivated.

Phase Four - The Reckoning
(This phase happens immediately for any player who has died)

1. Use the list on “The Reckoning”” card to calculate your score.
2. When the duel is finished, the player with the highest score wins the duel, and the Iron Witch’s favor.


With the introduction of 3-4 players and team duels, I've updated all spells to have "Targets". This dramatically alters how some spells work and how effective they are.

The labels are pretty straight forward, "Self", "Team", "All Players", "All Foes", "Single Foe". Here's how they look on the cards:


Here is a rough list of the spells I'm currently working on. These were written for the physical game, the only difference for the app is that you won't be drawing number cards, the system does that for you.

“Self” Signatures

Mirror (blue, self) - Whatever damage you take this turn will applied to the attacking foe as well. 1 ep.
Divert (blue, self) - Any cards that specifically target you this turn, will target another player of your choice. Costs 4 EP
Barrier (blue, self) - Reduces incoming attacks by 2 damage and ignores all element effects. costs 2 EP
Vanish (blue, self) - This turn and next, you are immune to all damage and effects, and cannot cast any spells. Take 2 damage. cost 1 EP

“Single Foe” Signatures

Hex (blue, single foe) - Apply a random effect to your opponent, draw a number card to determine which. costs 4 EP

  1. Foe’s spell will do no damage.
  2. - 3 hp
  3. Foe will take double damage their next turn.
  4. Foe cannot cast any spells on their next turn.
  5. - 3 ep

Mimic (red, single foe) - Treat this card as if it were the exact same card your target played this turn. Cost 2 ep.
Mute (red, single foe) - Opponent cannot cast any spells on their next turn. costs 3 ep.
Amnesia (red, single foe) - Look at any of your foe's cards. Choose one to be discarded that isn't already. 1 ep.
Karma (blue, single foe) - Applies two random effects to you and your target. Each player draws 2 number cards. costs 1 EP1= +2 HP2= -2 HP3= +2 EP4= -2 EP5= Discard a random card
Drain (red, single foe) - Steal 2 energy from foe. costs 1 EP
Deplete (red, single foe) - Reduces a random amount of foe’s energy (draw a number card to determine the amount). costs 2 EP
Scourge (blue, single foe) - applies a random amount of damage to foe (draw a number card to determine the amount) costs 2 EP
Poach (red, single foe) - Take a random card from your opponent’s hand and place it in yours, it will stay yours for the remainder of the duel. At the end of the duel, place it in your foe’s discard pile. costs 3 EP
Burden (red, single foe) - Whatever card foe played, foe must deduct double the amount of it’s energy cost immediately. Costs 3 EP
Exchange (red, single foe) - Switch HP/EP values with your target. Cost 3 EP (won’t work for app because of boons)

“Team” Signatures

Rejuvenate (blue, team) - Each teammate can choose to either heal 2 hp, or draw a number card and be healed for the amount on the card. - costs 2 EP
Fortify (blue, team) - You and your teammate will be protected from all damage this round. costs 4 EP
Replenish (blue, team) - Each teammate can choose to either gain 2 EP, or draw a number card and gain the amount on the card. - costs 2 EP
Endow (blue, team) - Each teammate draws a number card. costs 3 EP1-2 = +2 HP3-4 = +2 EP5 = Immune to all damage their next turn.

“All Foes” and “All Players” Signatures

Rupture (red, all foes) - Draw a number card, all opposing foe’s will take that amount in damage. costs 4 EP.
Hush (red, all players) - All players are forced to rest next turn. Costs 1 EP
Pandora (blue, all players) - All players may draw a number card. Costs 1 EP1 = +5 HP2-4 = +3 EP5 = Death, reduced to 0 HP 0 EP

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