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-The DX:S team's first priority is remaking DX multiplayer. -For the multiplayer, the game engine that will be used is Counter Strike: Source (see bellow for an explanation). -Looking for map testers.

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As the DX:S team has been progressing through this mod we've decided on several things. The first is that, since recreating the whole single-player mode is a long and tedious task and there aren't enough people at the present time, our first goal is to recreate multiplayer. Not only will this get more attention to this mod because it will be avaliable more quickly but it will be nice to have something to download after having this mod up for so long.
We have also decided to change the game from Half-Life 2 to Counter-Strike: Source. Although this may seem a bit odd and pointless, its much easier to code and much easier to make. We may eventually make it for Half-Life 2 but our second goal will be single-player.
Because the first map is almost ready, we're currently looking for testers. If you're serious about testing then PM me, please don't just leave a comment.

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