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I extended the space event view to enable player votes. In addition, a lot of game features were made ready for multiplayer including trading goods and items, retrofitting the ship, equipping weapon turrets, selecting drones, skilling the crew members, ...

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I am completing the third week working on the co-op multiplayer for Galactic Crew and I made some great progress.


User interface
Most features of Galactic Crew are identical in singleplayer and multiplayer games. However, some features work in a different way like events in space. When you are playing a multiplayer game with friends, each of you can vote for the event option he/she wants to select. Each vote is marked with a colored ribbon so that everyone can see the votes. After all players selected an option, one of the selected options is randomly chosen.

Example: If two players vote for Option A and one player votes for Option B, there is a 2/3 chance that Option A is chosen and a 1/3 chance that Option B is chosen.

This week's main work was enabling features in co-op multiplayer. Here is a list of some things I enabled in multiplayer: trading goods and items, retrofitting your ship's room, replacing weapon turrets, selecting drone types, renaming characters, promoting characters, skilling your crew members, using useable items, ...

Today, I will spent most of the day making the communication layer more stable. Events like a leaving game host must be handled and I want to make sure that opening, closing and updating user interface controls remotely doesn't cause any trouble.

Other features

I spent most of the development time with the multiplayer mode, but I found some bugs that needed to be fixed. I will include a full list of bug fixes in the content update's patch notes.

What’s next

I plan to spend the next week entirely on the communication layer. I want to synchonize all characters so that the position and action for all characters is identical for all players. After this is done, I want to start synchonizing the tool bar actions and travelling.

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