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The current version of the engine is: 0.7.3 - After a long while of raging, I have finally done it.

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So, about four months ago, I started working on a secondary player. Then I tried a few different types of network communication, TCP, UDP, etc. But finally, I found Rottnet, a user library that uses UDP to send and receive messages efficiently. So, I tried it, then I raged a lot, and now I have working net play 3 players,(Although, the animation is f***ed for the third player).The following video shows what I've been doing lately, but the main thing has been online play:

So, here's a brief description of how the online play works; essentially, you can turn on and off animation, rotation, and XYZ value sending. And how it sends the XYZ values, and the rotation values, is through a timer. Whenever you change position, or turn, it then adds to their own respective timers. When the timer is greater than the limit, it sends the message, then goes to 0. And whenever your animation changes, it sends, it then changes on the other person's end. This is done to compensate for slower internet connections, like SonicFreak94's. But I'd say it looks pretty nice for his internet connection, and what his timer limits were at, plus his ping was normal.
So besides online play, what has been created/fixed is/are: Bubbles, Falling platforms, The random monitor, Drowning, Auto-camera mode, A pushable box, Chaos emeralds, An option for a more SA1 styled spindash, An option to change your configuration file before the game starts, A rejoin feature for online play, The badnik partly, Sonic's cell-shaded effect, And character abilities i.e. Jumpdash, Flying, Gliding, etc.


Nice. One of the better Sonic games I've seen in a while. I really like like the multiplayer part. Keep it up!

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wow that is a good work!! Awesome! keep it up guys!!

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Looks pretty darn awesome!
Keep up the good work! :D

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ImmutableOctet Author

So just as a quick update, here's a list of added/modified features and objects since the version 0.7.3:

- Spikes are currently working

- Player 3's animation is now sending and receiving(FINALLY, let's just hope it doesn't get screwed up again)

- The dedicated server is now in working order

- There is now client hosting, so you can now host without a dedicated program

- When taking a hit, you now flash for 3.5 seconds

- The bubbles' speed, and the platforms' speed is now changed to be faster with V-sync enabled

- Speedshoe monitors were added

- The rolling physics have been improved

- Added text chat (It still needs work to be done on it. It currently only posts messages in "slots", so it's not exactly the way I'd want it to be.)

- Shields are now visible online

- The electric shield now attracts rings correctly

- Objects now only update online when any player is near it

- Added model swapping option for slower computers(I blame the rings)

- Added homing attack option(This isn't 100% in working order)

- Players now have names above their heads

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