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I'm excited to announce that a multiplayer beta version is now available.

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After a long wait and a lot of testing I'm now releasing a multiplayer (skirmish) beta.

You can install it via LaunchBase, which will not affect your original game at all or you can download the ZIP file and extract all mod files to your game folder. To uninstall simply delete these files from your game folder, to make sure which files to delete please refer to the README.txt file included.

No story has been put together yet but will later explain how the Eastern Empire came to be allies with the Soviets in the war against the Allies and Yuri, as well as how they obtained high tech being a low technology faction and all.

Slowly I will post more articles covering differences between each side and country.

Rise of the East YR MOD 1 00

If you get a black screen as opposed to normal, before launching the mod,
click Options on LaunchBase and selected Windowed Mode.

This multiplayer beta contains only 4 playable countries, 2 for each side;
Allies - America & Germany, Eastern Empire - China & North Korea.
Soviets and Yuri will be added later on. Yuri will be heavily tweaked as it
was extremely overpowered in the original game.

- America focuses on air assaults and missile technology
- Germany uses laser weapons on most its arsenal
- China uses highly flamable weapons and artillery
- North Korea specialises in long range missile systems

- Barracks & Refinery are buildable from the Construction Yard straight away
- HP of everything ingame is doubled
- Some siege weapons have been adjusted to reflect HP change (Nuke, V3, etc)
- Base defenses can be promoted
- Build speed increased by 20%
- Build time multiplier (introduced in YR) has been removed from all units
- Tier 1 Aircraft deal higher damage, are cheaper and are slower due to HP change
- Units gain veterancy at a 2.5x rate up from 3.0x

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