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To all supporters and gamers that are waiting for the multiplayer game, we have an announcement to make.

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Earlier just as we are ready to present the demo of the Multiplayer map for Digmaan, something bad happened to our database. Things that are really uncontrollable and unexpected.

We do not want this to happen but we are just Indie developers that is why we cannot continue the multiplayer anymore. The computer that we are using for developing games crashed earlier and all the files that we need in order for us to create a good multiplayer game are gone. All the medias the we worked for many months are gone in seconds. All the maps and the animations that we have are all gone and all our important files are erased.

We need to reformat the computer and the best mistake that we did is that we did not create a backup for our files in which gave us a lot of headache right now. Our sponsors who are supporting us told us that they cannot continue on giving us support because of the incident, they told us that they cannot spend another plenty amount of money in order for us to restore everything and recover everything within months.

We lack of money so we decided to stop the development Digmaan multiplayer. However we promise that this will not be our last, this incident will not stop us from pursuing our goals as game developers. For now, please do support this single player that we have, and the only thing that is left to us right now. Even if the sponsors are gone, we will still struggle as you show your support to us. We will be back in weeks in months maybe, it depends. Who knows, the nextime we go back, we may have a better game to show you.

Sincerely yours,
-rwsbgames team

ArkaZeen - - 1,696 comments

Ah well. :(

Well I do like campain...

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SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

wow, sad to hear that you lost so much due to a computer breakdown.
this is commen to new modders and indie developers, we all have been there...
but, the good side of this is that you probably never will work again without making backups. personally i chair stuff with friends and upload it all to free upload sites. this way i never can loose anything again anymore.


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