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Changed resource system. Added multiplayer. Currently bug fixing with hopes to release final preview.

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It has been a month since my last news post so I thought I should make a new one. Currently, I am working on bugfixing and tweeking the final "preview" build. This will act as a demo/preview of what I want the final game to be like. At this point there is very little I have to actually add (concepts I am still undecided on).

One of the big additions is the multiplayer. Originally, I was not going to have this in the game. However, since I have changed how the game plays (slightly) I figured multiplayer could work quite well. This only has a few bugs that need fixing before I can consider it "finished" enough for the preview.

After some playtesting, I realised that the original game was basically just spamming the missiles until someone won. Obviously, this wasn't the game I wanted it to be; It had no strategy at all in it. So, I changed the system entirely. Missile travel time no longer generates resources, and the basic missile is no longer free/infinite. Now both missile types cost you resources. To gather resources, you have two options: Build a mine on your planet, Build a mining ship and mine some asteroids. To add an additional bit of strategy into the game I have also added a ship that specializes in ship-ship combat. This can be used to take out a colony of mining ships or to protect an area.

That's all folks, I hope to be able to fix the bugs soon. Look out for the final preview build in the next few days/week.


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