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Included inside: Mapping Progress Report August/September 2013|SRC Update #8|Developer's VLog 6th Edition.

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Hey everyone, it is time for our month and a half long update. For those of you that do not know why there was a delay I was working on a mod for Dawn of War 2 for a walkthrough I will be starting soon. I had been working on it since mid June. I was able to finish it in September but it did not interfere overly with the work being done on CI at the time.

Mapping Progress Report for August/September 2013

Most of the mapping time was spent on the graveyard map, around 15 hours total, but much of the work will not be immediately identifiable. Most of the time went into finishing the crypts in the new area as well as standardizing the walkways, doorway arches, and fixing some stubborn vertex issues. I then went into creative mode to flesh out exactly how the map will work. For more on that see the Developer's Vlog videos, warning though there will be spoilers as I explain what the map is for and how to get through it so if you want to remain in the dark then do not watch them.

I redid the power generation area, turning it into an actual building with generators and the apparatus needed for the eventing that will take place in the map. Here are the screen shots:

There may be some small changes that are noticeable, like light post placement, but for the most part it looks the same as last update. A lot of the work was in resizing the walkways and everything around them to fit a standardized pathway size. Some other additions will be shown in the next screen shot.

Here you can see that the buildings in the newer area are now completed, lighting has been added and fixed, I added the large building there in the background to replace what had previously been the power generation station. I also added in some ground flood lights to light up the mausoleum.

For the stranglehold map I added in two new buildings, a mechanics shop for repairing vehicles and the item resupply building where health, energy, ammo, and weapons are teleported into during the course of the map. This map only had 8 hours of mapping time put into it out of the total 25 hours.

Here are the screens for this map:

Here you can see the item resupply building. Items will be teleported from safe areas to here, so far in as the story, when you are participating in this map. Everything from health to ammo can be found in here.

Here you can see the maintenance garage. Some of the vehicles are not showing up because I used the wrong prop type. A simple problem to fix but I ran out of time for the map and so I will fix these first thing during November.

Finally I have started on the basics of a new map that will eventually become one of the floors for a late-game map. I will not go into any more detail than that as I do not want to spoil what the map will be about though I suspect the some will be able to guess what it is with time. I only spent two hours on the map and it is extremely small, just one hallway where I was testing out various lighting methods and strutting architecture. I have one screen shot for that:

The first test hallway for the new map. All lighting, or at least most of it, will be done with texture lighting instead of traditional light entities. I wanted to try and do something out of the box and different from your standard operational procedures on mapping.

SRC Update #8

So the goal for the source code work this update was to fix the shotgun and repair the he grenade item so that it actually worked again. I accomplished both. For the shotgun the problem was that for whatever reason known only to Valve the shotgun only processes on the ItemPreFrame function. I had set the code into PostFrame and so the shotgun overheat was not even registering with the code at all. A small change to fix a large issue. I had to also strip everything related to the he grenade item and re-add it in, that took some time as well as for debugging some problems I ran into.

Developer's VLog 6th Edition

Overall I put a total of about 50 hours into the update, which is a large increase over the time I usually put into each update for CI. I am hoping to rectify that though in the coming update cycles as I finish my BS program and have a little more time to work with. Thanks for following the mod, I will see you all in December.


This a great read, my friend. Looking forward for more!

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i know, a lot of people probably don't realize how much time it takes to put together a great new update that shows a bit more as just one or two in game screenshots!!

great work!


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