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Good news people, version 2 of EGR GRasstrack will be shipping this week.

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Good news people, version 2 of EGR GRasstrack will be shipping this week.

The game is complete and currently sitting in the Alpha build area of googleplay. I am holding off publishing to full release until a few bits of promotional material come together. New trailer being one of them.

Due to this down time I’ve decided that rather than down tools and wait, I will integrate a leaderboard. IF this makes it to live remains to be seen, it may be deferred to update 2.01.. but it’s definitely coming! Play in hot lap mode to challenge the leaderboard, daily and weekly boards with facebook sharing is planned.

Version 2 will release with Engine and Transmission upgrade paths both working and unlockable. Engines are found in the Valley Race series and Transmissions are unlocked by winning in the Stadium series. As well as increasing the fidelity of the tracks Valley, Stadium and Amber Sands have all had new track side objects brought in. This should help to bring the events to life a little.

Speaking of updates, all of the AI cars have been tuned and tweaked and made better! They also scale slightly with the player, so if you upgrade they will also be a little faster. The idea is to keep the game difficult … although they don’t scale 1 for 1. So you will still find a fully upgraded player car should be able to beat the game..

Difficulty has been ramped up in Amber Sands. It’s unlikely that you will win the series without max upgrades from the Stadium and Valley tracks the AI are just too fast.. although feel free to have a go. All tracks are available from the start.

Speaking of Amber sands, we now have 7 cars in one event.. this is the most to date so may hurt performance, please let me know how you get on once its live.

I’ve updated the player garage. It now has a model of your car which will update when choosing different chassis parts.

The upgrades as they currently exist serve to add more power via engine and reduce the shift delay when changing gears. The pro series gearbox will slip seamlessly between gears ensuiring constant power to the rear wheels, whilst the standard one has a noticeable clunk between them.

Any and all upgrades can be used in time trial / hot lap mode.

In total there are 21 races and 3 time trial events to participate in…

I’ll update again when we go live!

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