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With the launch of a new website/blog came a new video with 7 mins of game play footage.

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With the launch of a new website/blog came a new video with 7 mins of game play and an exclusive mix. Watching the video at 720 is recommended.

The game is still heavily under development, this raw footage is unedited (accept being sequenced together) was taken in-game and shows of several current key features.

For more information and media please visit

Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Looking pretty cool so far. I like the ray-tracer effects on the weapon bullets :D.

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hogsy - - 619 comments

Really unique idea!

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saturnsaint - - 18 comments

Do the universes change anything game play wise? All the changes I see just look graphical.

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MarcusM - - 158 comments

It actually looks pretty fun. Keep up the (Linux) game making! I'm sure it'll be fun.

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thetoucher Author
thetoucher - - 29 comments

@kamikazi[Uk] Thanks =) the bullet effects are actually placeholders till I can find some time to do them properly

@hogsy Thankyou

@iamscissors its hard to see in that video (or it might be toggled off for testing), but behind the scenes, the universes (spheres) effect the physics engine, so different collision mesh, gravity, velocities, acceleration, mass etc.... it also effects the weapons and equipment held (both availability and stats), the players attributes like jump and movement speed, as well as player abilities: teleportation, bullet deflection, dodge, wall climbing etc. The game engine currently effects all of these, the list may grow or shrink as the game progresses.

A practical application... some universes don’t have bullets so in there a player is safe from gunfire, some have different weapons – for the better or worse (in medieval there is no shotgun, only a stick, and hand grenades are useless rocks ) Oh you can see in the video at :24 when the 'scar' assault rifle becomes an 'AK' which fires faster and harder, and at 1:15 when the assault rifle becomes a cross bow, which fires slower heavier bolts. The game environment is also unique, so time can be slowed or sped up to help with gunplay, gravity can be lowered or removed to aid in map traversal, where there is a locked door in one universe, another can have no door at all. I also have one universe in the pipeline that is completely underwater, being inside a sphere of water with bullet streaming in should be nuts.

@Cl0p1n I had the game at a point on the weekend where I played a complete 'round', when the bots don't have god mod on, it's actually really fun to play, fingers crossed it stays that way. There is a 'complete round' video on at I dev on Linux so I would need a pretty good excuse for not releasing on the platform =)

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