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We return. Small reintroduction to the game, changelog and some images from gallery.

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Because we are back after so many months we will make a summary of what will be the game when it finished.

The game is a mix between F2P and paid. The free part is being able to access dedicated servers, only in some game modes. Players who play free not receive rewards, may not customize their characters.

Payment players can access the following:

  • Persistent world, receive a house where you can save everything you get. You can also work and interact with other players. Buy, make weapons and armors with which be able to access dedicated servers, enter tournaments, get drunk in taverns, go to brothels. All this run by the players themselves.

  • All game modes, especially the raid mode.

Questions about the persistent world do so in the comments, will be answered asap.

That said, Changelog!

We have reworked the character controller, working on v0.01a, we are currently in v0.1.4s, we plan to release to the public the v0.1.5s


Combat with a one-handed weapon.
Combat with a one-handed weapon and shield.


Free to play players cannot customize or access persistent world? Not sure if that business approach may be counter-productive.

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