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Well, as summer has begun and the time of mod productivity has come, I thought I'd celebrate with a list of my personal top ten most anticipated Half Life 2 modifications. Please keep in mind that these are based simply on what appeals most to me rather than what's most likely to actually be the best.

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Well, as summer has begun and the time of mod productivity has come, I thought I'd celebrate with a list of my personal top ten most anticipated Half Life 2 modifications. Please keep in mind that these are based simply on what appeals most to me rather than what's most likely to actually be the best.

Making this list was excruciatingly difficult. There are a TON of really awesome mods out there, and it pains me that I can't put them all in my top 10. This is a compilation of what has the biggest impression on me, counting only what I think has a decent chance of being released. I hope you enjoy reading it!



No More Room in Hell is an incredibly good-looking HL2 zombie mod. It's the only multiplayer-only modification to get on the list, so one could say that it should get an award of its own. The content looks amazing, the gameplay looks fun as hell, and the care placed into everything continues to fascinate me.

It looks like a grittier, more survival-based Left 4 Dead, and I'm totally into that. Despite being a zombie mod, I'm still really looking forward to it.


Doomed spaceships? Humanity on the brink of extinction? REALLY nice texturing? I'm in!

Titan: XCIX is a highly sci-fi modification based on a spaceship. While not much has been revealed story-wise for the modification, its incredible media and famed developer has drawn me in. The mapping is very unique, creating its own style in the board science fiction genre, incorporating tons of new textures and models.

It looks like the makings of a classic future-based modification, and being a large fan of sci-fi, this is yet another title I'm watching with great interest.


The unofficial sequel to Opposing Force, Opposing Force 2 covers the journeying of Adrian Shephard long before Gordon Freeman's arrival, only 6 months after the 7 Hour War. Already having released a promising demo and a multitude of high-quality pieces of media, this mod caught my eye a long time ago.

What really got me interested was the variety of ideas and locations that are hinted at throughout the comments and description. City One. A secret division of military-based Combine resistance. Black-Mesa oriented underground bases. The Wastelands. Goddamn TELEPORTING SUBMARINES. This mod's got it all, and looking at the mod page, it's actually going to achieve it.


"Auxor Jun 15 2011, 12:50pm says:

Holy sweet Jesus in a handbasket."

Yeah that pretty much covers it.

Canvas is a mysterious, artistic-based mod about psychics, dream worlds, and non-combat based situations. There's an aura of mystery that surrounds the modification; I still don't have a full idea of exactly what it is, though I'm sure it's going to be absolutely incredible.

Their unique style and awesome media was more than enough to spark my interest, and I am faithful it will break new ground in the HL2 modding genre.


Based heavily on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the Intern's Story series is a set of very interesting 30 minute-odd segments revolving around someone working, and then later kept in, a sanitarium during the 1920's. Going through various surreal worlds and bizarre settings, the two most recent additions to the series have been my favorite HL2 horror mods.

While its mapping isn't of the incredible quality seen these days in the top mods, it's still very good and has a certain charm to it. The levels of immersion felt while playing are pretty awesome for a source game, and I've found that a lot of its ideas are very imaginable. Looking at pictures of their coming third installment, they've improved their content and are still staying true to their original style.


Here's the second third addition to a series on my list, the Citizen Part III. I'm afraid I can't provide any images on this mod as they were recently deleted from the Citizen: Part II's page, so I'll have to compensate with pictures from earlier installments of the trilogy.

I've been a long-time fan of the Citizen series, as I feel they give a nostalgic throwback to the good old classic Half Life 2. The environments are almost always urban and in City 17, which I love, and possess a certain "touch" that most HL2 mods don't have in their mapping. Everything has a sense of high quality.

Part III will apparently continue to take you to new places in City 17, including places like the canals, combine structures, and even Dr. Breen's Private Reserve (Yes, it's a place, not just a vending machine). The past shows that Accidental Games will take its time and produce a truly incredible product once again.


Sequel to the HL1 mod, The Gate, The Gate 2 is a tale that takes the player through time and space, visiting other universes and time periods in a cinematic storyline. Its fantastic mapping and interesting concept made me a fan of the modification years ago.

Much like Opposing Force 2, this mod has a LOT of areas. WW2 Germany, CIA Prisons, Ancient Egypt, North Korea, futuristic spaceships... I believe it will have a large storyline element and a ton of very, very interesting settings. Can't wait for this one!


Ivan's Secrets is one of those awesome modifications that you come across very rarely. Not only is it a... Ahem "a tactical shooter/RPG/survival horror singleplayer", but it's one with something that sounds like a really good story.

When I first saw the page with its media and description of a vast series of weapons, enemies, RPG elements, and the like (which look incredible, I might add), I thought it would be a tactical shooter, like some sort of generic mod version of MW2 set in the desert. And then I randomly stumbled into these:

Yeah I don't think so. This mod is going to have a far vaster story, probably involving the supernatural. That, combined with some of the most innovative combat to be seen yet in source? Epic win.


This one was a no-brainer. I mean, how could this NOT make the list? This is a complete redo of the classic game Half Life on the source engine with amazing new content and a very high standard of quality. Naturally, you've probably already heard all about Black Mesa Source, and if you haven't I'm astounded you've found this article.

The brilliant new mapping and the simple fact that it's Half Life redone is more than enough to earn it number 2 on this list.


Okay, let me explain something to you. I really like zeppelins. I mean a like, a LOT. I really wanted to make BMS no. 1, but looking through the mod media secti-


*Sigh*. I cannot resist my inner steampunk. This mod is an alternate-history semi-steampunk modification set in 1934, after World War 1 fictionally ends in 1929 in an uneasy peace set between the two enemy powers. You will play as a reporter that was supposed to cover a meeting that would hopefully bring an end to this and lead to a brighter future, but apparently something goes wrong and you're now caught up in an adventure that will range across the European continent.

Simply said, the maps are incredible. Thousands of custom models and textures, expert lighting, work that is in many regards way above the standard seen even from Valve. Their depiction of the art style in the era of the early 20th century is unparalleled to anything I've seen even in the professional gaming market.

And yes, as these pictures which some could probably argue declare me completely insane, it has ZEPPELINS! I commented a lot on the prospect of zeppelins. In fact, I think I might've started to annoy the developers just a *tad* bit too muc-

.... :D

*Note- I don't know if that was actually put in simply because I annoyed them all to hell on the matter of zeppelins, because I wasn't the only one. But I WAS the most prominent one I believe.*


And where is Operation Black Mesa? I think it will be even better than OPFOR 2...

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Mr.Walrus Author

It almost made it. I might've replaced like NMRiH with OBM, but Im personally looking forward more to OPFOR 2.

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Fantastic list Walrus - I've been following most, but a few I wasn't even aware of a few of them. I Freely admit that I'm especially looking forward to ZEITGEIST and IVAN'S SECRETS. Two outstanding looking projects ( not that the others are any less so ) !!

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I really like your choice, and as jjawinate I'm waiting most for Zeitgeist and Ivan's Secrets, and I agree that they're really really cool.

Also thanks, that you showed me some mods which I didnt know before =D
Cool that I know the Modeler of Zeitgeist =D

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Nice list. I really waiting for these too. The Gate 2 almost feels like an Indiana Jones adventure with guns :D I'm also looking forward to Off Limits because I didn't really liked Dystopia, Neo-tokio and Eternal Silence. Don't get me wrong, they are great mods, really well done, but the gameplay is just not for me. And Off limits seems like a game that is more team oriented like TF2 and hopefully without iron sights too which is a fresh change from todays shooters.

And I'm also eagerly waiting for The Nightmare chronicles. I'm really into cartoon platformer games and I need another good one after Beyond Good & Evil and Psychonauts. Unfortunately the creator put it on hiatus :(

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Mr.Walrus Author

The Gate 2 looks goddamn awesome, it used to be my no.1 mod and I annoyed the creator all to hell with my "OMGZRROSZ BEZT MAP EV3R" comments, kinda like how I do with Zeitgeist today. As for Off Limits, idk, looks kinda meh to me and I liked Eternal Silence a lot.

The Nightmare chronicles looks very impressive as well, though I think Canvas surpasses it in the genre (If you consider them in the same genre).

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Zeppelins lol, Zeitgeist is pretty high up on my list too, but I'm still unsure what the gameplay is going to be like.

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Mr.Walrus Author

Same, but I trust that such a creative team will come up with something both innovative and interesting :D

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