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By the release of v1.0, Now i'm start planning on v1.5 & working on China AddOn. Version 1.5 will not have a major changes from v1.0, but it still depends on developing progress.

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Well, by learning about bf2 more deep and try something new, now i start to planning and working on addon and newest version. Here i will tell you what features that will be included on China AddOn and plan for newest features

China AddOn features:

  • PLA faction (soldiers, vehicles, weapons, & etc)
  • New weapons (F2000 & G36E)
  • PLA vehicles tweak (mostly same like main faction vehicles tweak)
  • 4 China maps: Dalian Plant, Dragon Valley, FuShe Pass, & Great Wall

MRHFM v1.5 Features:

First, I have been planned for PLA to return in this version, or i can say China AddOn will be implemented in this version. Second, there are 2 more faction that will be return in this version: MEC and MEInsurgent. This two factions will make confrontation in 2 maps, that you'll can see in maps section below.

We got some vehicles return in this version, like Littlebird and EC635. Yes, i fix AI file for these chopper. Then, we got some China AddOn vehicles, of course. For small choppers, these vehicles will be added on Karkand and Oman 16, and for Wake Island 64. And for MEInsurgent, they will be supported by civilian cars and a pickup truck with mounted weapons. They don't have tanks, and i still thinking how to make the gameplay balance.
And i'll increase chopper missiles damage and velocity.

NEW: New hud for all MBT!

There are 4 new maps + 4 China maps for this version. 4 new maps is Operation Clean Sweep (RU vs US), Tarraba Quarry (MEC vs US), Mashtuur City (MEC vs MEInsurgent), and Road to Jalalabad (MEC vs MEInsurgent). For Mashtuur City, i have plan to edit some control point, and there will be singleplayer mode for Mashtuur City.

Well, i don't have much plan for weapons. What i planned so far is modified recoil by me. Maybe a bit like Project Reality, but i will keep the recoil not too great. Then, maybe i add new textures for weapons. This is not surely, maybe because too many weapons. And last, i'll add zoom ability for stationary LMG/HMG weapons

Game mode
Well, i have a plan for new game mode for singleplayer. Inspired by Arma 2 and few other games, this game mode will remove almost all of control points, just keep 2 uncapturable control points. And vehicles will be just available at base. Then, lowered score to be same as player number. Next, i'll use 32 sized maps for this game mode. And at last, when you're dead, you'll not respawn. You must wait until round finish.

What i'm not sure will happen is you'll not respawn. What i know is this setting is server setting, but i see some people make new game mode without respawning. Maybe you can help me?

For soldiers, there are few tweak and stuff. First, i balanced armour for soldiers. Sometimes you must kill heavy soldiers with 3 shots. I just realize it few times ago. Second, Kit meshes and soldiers mesh got updates. As you can see above, in images, new textures and models for USMC. Beside that, Simcardo makes mesh hacks too. He change Russian army helmet using China helmet, of course with updated textures. And he replaces ERYX with RPG on kit mesh.

Well, at last this is not final features, there will be changes depend on developments.



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As far as i know, nobody made that game mode yet.

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Yndoril. Author

well, it's not so hard to do that. you just need to remove control point and reduce ticket score. the problem just respawn, that controlled by server settings

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yea i know. the spawnpoint thing has been done several times, but i'm talking about the No Respawns :D.

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