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Today I finally have something much more interesting for you, fellow gamers. Today is the first Alpha Release of Mr. Wave!

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MR. WAVE ALPHA 0.9.4 RELEASE - Click here to play!

  • Can move around and fall in pits, Mr. Wave has infinite lives currently
  • Can eat enemies and spit them back out
  • Enemy on the left respawns when you are on the right of the current layout
  • Clouds move, trees move when you move
  • Applejumpers changed from red to green to fit future power colors

Controls are on the page, but if you can't see them:

A = Left
D = Right
Shift = Suck in enemies / shoot cooked shot
Space = Jump

Enjoy! Leave feedback and let me know how I'm doing! Touch controls currently don't work as well as keyboard controls, but that is to be expected. I wanted to get this into your guys' hands as quick as possible! Thanks!

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