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Switching from Duke3d's engine to Evaldraw, now will be more of a Game than a Mod.

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For reasons I go into on the blog site,, I've decided to switch engines.

This also means I'm redoing maps, although I could have easily imported them over, new abilities have prompted me to completely redo them.

Also with the engine switch, I'll be taking down this Mod page and creating a new one in the Game's section, since this will now be a stand-alone game from the start. I had planned on making it a stand-alone when I was done.

There are some benefits to this over before, now I can have demos that don't require Duke3d at all, and Evaldraw is very fast by comparison when handling voxels.

However I did get a bit of stuff done on the Duke3d version and will give out demos for those who privately contact me for them. I don't won't a huge distribution since the majority of the art and models will be retained, only maps are being redone.

This is also going to mean a drastic change in the visual style, the game will support 32bit mode from now on, allowing for greater color varieties, but the general method of art creation and style will maintain. Pixel art and sculpted models. But with new lighting and shadow abiltiies, and voxel objects that can be lit by them makes things look much different.

Before lighting was faked by shading walls and floors, now no shading will be needed and light will control the darkness of the levels.

Another reason I'm switching to evaldraw is because I know what it can handle, as I've found out on my currently on-hold project, The Crawl, a 3d RPG editing suite using Evaldraw and all voxelized environments. Were I found I could push Evaldraw pretty far.

Until I get some content started for the new build, I won't be creating the new page and requesting this one's removal. But hopefully I can get it sorted out before the month is over.

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