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Talk a little a bit of whats next for the mod

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Ok so I decided for the next house mod It would Be the thieves guild. To be fair they reward with n amazing thing at the end but I decided to create a secret underwater place for you the grey fox As you can imagine it will be a bit bigger maybe it even being a cave which would be nice. Suggestions on what should be in it will be nice the following I am putting in.

-Some enchanted sneacking clothes.

-A Minion to guard the entrance (I will see if I can script to be a slave to you)

-An armoury having lock picks which respawn some small daggers and a couple of bows and arrows.

-A share of the loot from all things stolen If you want more please say so but don't be to ambitious this is only a bigginner mod.

Also I know the summary isn't the best I will need to fix that.

And If you want to be a beta tester join the group and PM me.



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