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The January 23, 18 update. Very short news brief.

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This is a continuation of a blog post from several days ago.


In that blog I mentioned tripping over files from a mod that I was working on way back in the yesteryear machine. I've dug up enough of the old stuff (Basically where I left off) to get this thing moving again. I've switched over to using Jackhammer and modified ZHLT executables to compile what I found. Essentially half of the HEV course is done (needs some polish) and about a quarter of the first episode. I've included a screenshot of what I'm dealing with on the first map of the first episode. You can see what kind of tech I had access to in 2004. Maps had to be very small and compact just to get decent compile times. Now with my current rig this map will probably double or triple in size and detail. I mean let's be realistic here - does this look like a jail? No, no it does not - looks more like a holding cells than anything.

So what have I accomplished thus far?

The old map is being pulled apart and redone.

Today I finished some modified textures and built a slew of vehicles.

I also have the directories and other stuff to make it populate on your STEAM list and launch through Half-Life. No maps are included which is why I feel I may hold it back a bit longer instead of my original idea of throwing that up for download.

That's all for tonight, I'll check back in in a couple days.


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