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A new update on Movie Tycoon's progress. In production phase added, new actors and actresses, research points and more.

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Finally, I'm able to make a blog post, and I have some exciting new developments!

As you may notice, the website has had a considerable overhaul in the design department. I'm hoping this is for the better.

A couple of new features have been introduced. Firstly, now sequels are in the game! When making a script, you can choose one of your previous movies and choose the new script to be a sequel to that one. I've also implemented a feature where movies have a fanbase, and part or all of that fanbase transfers over when you create a new movie, which guarantees at least a minimal box office return.

Additionally, the in production phase has been added! You can actually set how many weeks your movie will be in production for, and based on the it will impact the quality. There's kind of a sweet spot. Too short a production phase and the quality goes down, too long a production phase and it also goes down. During production you can also add to your marketing budget. More will be added to this later.

Finally, one of the most exciting new features is the research department, which adds in a new currency, research points. You can see that in the screenshots in the upper left. You hire researchers that have a weekly pay, and they generate research points per week. Upgrades can then be bought in the research department store, that range from new production offices, to language departments so that you can unlock worldwide movie releases!

As a side note, the amazing artist Geozermer has been making more and more fantastic pixel art portraits for the actors and actresses. Adds a little layer of polish to the whole experience.

Expect more updates in the coming weeks or even days. I'm on roll recently, so hopefully the game will be finished sooner than I expected.

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