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We added bunch of updates, including the ability to jump, boosted the speed of the character a bit for testing, added "HUD" (Heads up Display) testing, added projectiles that fire from the character, and finally a destroy-able object that gets destroyed once hit with one of the projectiles.

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Project DG Dev Log v. 0.0.1


for testing purposes, we boosted the speed of the character, so it wouldn't take 2 hours to pass from one edge of the screen to the next... We also gave it the ability to jump (cant really be shown in the picture... but it's there!) We use `A` to move left, `D` to move right, space to jump, left click to shoot projectiles.


We added a projectile system, there is an arrow being drawn relative to the character's position on the screen which helps aiming with the mouse, the end of the arrow is where the projectiles are aimed to, and from there they keep moving until they have passed their "life time" which is about 5~10 seconds. For now, again, for testing purposes only, we are using a "pig" sprite from our old game... until we get actual projectiles, later we will change the system from seconds to distance. also, the projectiles have no limitation to how many are being shot per second, so as long as the left click is being held down, there will be more pigs flying out...

Destroy-able Object

We added a sketch of a character (obviously not final... not even close...) just to test collision detection. so we implemented a very "fast & dirty" collision detection, just running through all of the little piggies flying around and testing which one of them is being collided with the object and if they collide with it, the piggy that hit it first will "die" or disappear, and the object will disappear too and "spawn" somewhere random within the screen.


This was a relatively simple test, just thinking how we should lay out the HUD, and testing opacity, as you can see the opacity works ^.^ I also added "health bar" sort of thing, just to see how it would look like, however, we are most likely to try a far different kind of HUD system... one that looks less "blocky."

Random Comments

We are going to work hard on this project and put a lot of effort into it, so please guys, share this with your friends, on social networks or whatever you think fits this best! We are just bunch of young dudes trying to make our dream game come true! Help us by sending us your opinions, so this will become your dream game too! Help us make this game as good as it can get! Soon, once the game is partially playable, we will let some of you guys test it... FOR FREE! so follow us on here and on our website to stay updated! The copies of the game will be limited... at least for the early testing version!
Hope you guys are as excited as I am!

That's it for now, again guys, go check out our website for more updates!

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