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Protonwar advanced movement techniques explained. In this article i will quickly cover the different movement mechanics in the game.

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Protonwar Advanced Movement Techniques

Protonwar features 3 different character movement modes.
Currently these modes are restricted to different game play modes

1./ Classic Mode:
This is the "normal" movement mode, with influences from classic arena shooters, and a touch of new. It features the following:
Double jump - If you can land a jump quick enough, press jump again quickly to get an extra boost
Strafe jumping - Normal Forward / Left/Right strafe jumping that we all know and love

2./ Pro Mode:
This is considered the "pro mode" designed for the more advanced player. It features all of the classic movement, plus:
Higher air acceleration and air control - Advanced air control to pull off those tricky jumps
Advanced strafe jumping - Strafe with combinations of forward left/right, left/right, backwards strafing etc, all with different acceleration and air speed

3./ Parkour Mode: (this mode will likely become the default)
The Parkour mode is a take on modern fps shooter physics. It features the standard movement features, plus the following:
Wall running - Run up to a wall and jump into it and hold jump to initiate the wall running mode. Character will run up the wall for up to 1.5 seconds
Wall jumping - While wall running if you press jump again your character will launch into the air, carrying the momentum from your current movement.

These movement modes are briefly demonstrated in the following video:
Movement modes Feb 2016 Demo

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