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So, I've discovered that the mouse has a bit of a problem in-game. The mouse goes crazy fast when joystick look and mouse look are on, and when raw input and mouse filter and look is on, the mouse will just get stuck on the borders of my monitor.

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I'm not sure if this is happening on my PC but there's a chance it is. I want to test this mouse issues with other users that have Half-Life and I'll send them a test copy of the mod. The mouse issue doesn't appear to happen in Half-Life or Half-Life WON. I'm concerned that this is an issue with the mod itself. I copied all Half-Life files into the mod. Not only DLLs. Everything. If this is only an issue with my PC, then I'll have to reinstall Windows. If it's a problem with the mod (which probably isn't) I'll probably have to cancel the mod. Anyways, contact us at if you'd like to test this issue. It would really be appreciated.

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