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Mountblade warband kof 97mod update info til now v0.53.

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the mod is use 2d role to fight with 3d role.

player will born as Iori Yagami--a 2d dynamic pic role.

the movement key control is same to native but in addition, if you double clicked w when lori face right or double click a if lori face left, your 2d role will swith to fast run animation.

the attack key is still to click left mouse.

after v0.52,the skill key control is changed to click right mouse and the defend key is changed to mouse roll up/down.

click-key-m is to mirror your role pic ,but if someone attack you,you will be autoed to mirror pic as kof performs.

click-key-v is laugh

click-key-left-alt is to help your rotate your camera to see the real 2d role in different degree.

click-key-e is to collect energy and click-key-r is to burst your energy.

you can press the w/a/s/d/wa/as/ad/sa/sd +click key-rightmouse to relase the determined skill but if only click right mouse ,the skill is random.

the player's 2d role will produce hit combo number like (1 hits,2hits.....)when attack others by melee or skill.

2d role is all owning 5 live points so if the hp is 0 ,they will reborn again till live points is 0.

tavern can buy some 2d role lori.

the town and village has some 2d walkers like Crayon Shin-Chan,other kof roles and some dnf roles etc.

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