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My dear friends, fans and developers, please vote DARK for MOTY...

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Hello again my dear friends, fans and developers,

Finally, after the waiting of long times, the end of the year is near, and the Mod of the year (MOTY) plan has already begun.

I am not too greedy to have DARK in the top in the list of WIP MOTY. But, to be honest, I still want DARK to be in the list, even DARK is in the bottom, I still want.

However, I failed to post the current development of DARK in time, I mean, I just posted only a little, but not to enough.

But, in these days, I am making a demo of DARK, working hard on it, unlike the demo map I have released a long time ago. The demo will be release (MAYBE) around four or five days.

But, I still need the support of all of you. Support me and this mod by voting this for MOTY. And, if this mod succeeded to be in the list of WIP MOTY, I will release an old-school edition of DARK. You still remember the Half-life-ish maps, right? Yeah, those maps packed mod, the old-school edition.

The real mod of DARK will be 2/3 long of Half-life, I mean, this mod will be long the same as up to lambda core level in Half-life and with multiple routes, different 5 areas (storage, forest, nightmare, city, prison) and 2 endings.

So, to conclude, please vote DARK for MOTY, everyone. I really need all of your support


Best of luck to you man, having an unreleased mod on the list is pretty tough; even if it looks good.

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