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As a one-man-made game, my project obviously needs support and contributors. I'm in search of C# programmer, shader/environment designer and animator - open to learners and selftaught artists - for paid missions. Using Unity 5.x + SourceTree + Visual Studio

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___the Project

Motorhackz game prototype of a "Car Survival Game" features an open world to explore with all kind of vehicles, a pre-apocalyptic and ruled-out environment where players have to fight for resources and settle a community to survive the collapse of nation-states.

Kind of Mad Max genre, but more European, in a closer future and also concerned with clans and what happens behind the walls of their settlements: crafting, defense, co-op and social reconstruction... or looting and chaos. Up to the players, who would also tweak the rules of their community.

The ultimate business plan is a free-to-play PC game, until player wants to save in-game datas, then he/she has to subscribe once for all at a fixed price.


The prototype is quite advanced already:

- Vehicle physics is 90% done - cars, truck rig, motorcycle have been designed and rigged, as long with sounds, fx, mesh deformation... and it runs very well.

- The map is 20*20km and features generative aspects I'd like to improve. Many original assets have been designed or are in progress (using 3ds Max, Photoshop, Substance, CityEngine...)

- Gameplay is to be improved: example of race, transportation, or combat missions have been set up. Clan and resources managment is to be done

- Online multiplayer solution implementation in progress, using a custom solution provided by Stormancer.

- Only very little has been done with character design, but I recently found out a convincing workflow with UMA character add-on or Unity.

___Protoype sources

Among the skills I had to acquire so far, I learned C# programming, custom shaders writing, source control managment... as I have been working with a professional team to implement an online multiplayer solution. So, the project is easily available online:

- Unity sources are up-to-date on a repository (using SourceTree),

- A roadmap on Trello,

- GDD, downloadable build, screenshots, etc. available on the project website,

- multiplayer solution has it's own repository on stormancer server.

___Team Building

I have in mind to push the project further, and I in the process of setting up a "speed team" to present a decent prototype and give it a kick!

What I mean by "speed team"? I plan to pay a fee to my contributors for a short amount of time corresponding to the duration of a crowdfunding campaign, to be extended if the project succeeds in getting funded, and extended with stretch goals.

So please PM me if you are interested in this project in any manner.

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