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I've posted the latest Windows build of Masters of the Arena (.42) here on IndieDB. Please feel free to download and give me any and all feedback. Also, please keep in mind that this is only an alpha build and that polish will only begin after all of the intended content is built. Thanks and enjoy!

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Queen's Dungeon Added!

Bug fixes, and goblins, and ogres, oh my! The .42 build of Mota is live on Google Play (and now IndieDB too!). It includes the Queen's Dungeon story arena, and some bug fixes for priests, rogues, and spectres.

Bug fixes

  • Priests no longer continuously overheal with Blessed Censer
  • Priests now heal Knights above the 100-health mark
  • Rogues with the Void Key no longer walk ridiculously slow
  • Rogues with the Void Key once again walk through walls
  • Spectres move again! … and they now float through walls


  • Queen’s Dungeon (Alchemists)
  • Doors
  • Goblins
  • Ogres

Here's a bit more information on the additions.


Doors take the form of regular walls that have a yellow (reads: “usable”) outline and about twice the “use” requirement of a chest. Rogues are obviously good at opening doors, as are the adventures, temptresses, and wizards (Knock Staff is still amazing). This allows a whole new tactical consideration in both planning and playing arenas.


Tiny like imps, the goblins aren't beefy enough to have a lot of health. What they do have is spirit! Well, ‘spirits’, actually… lit on fire… and hurling at you. Divide and conquer; don’t clump up and get the whole party singed.


Nothing impressive. Just a slow attack for more damage and a bunch of extra health. I may improve upon ogres in the future, as I think they should have more “umph,” you know?

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