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I decided to expand my landmass all the way to Ebonheart so it would have room for more veriety because was all harsh terain and needed some greenery, it also needed to merge with the mainland a bit more imo. current early version with no quests and only 2 inreriors available for DL

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please check out screenshots, constructive critisism and ideas are welcome =)

the landmass atm is split into 5 regions

Montalaar, the central montain region, like red montain but much bigger and more routes
Home of light, The northern area with west gash theme
Harsh Outlands, area West and South west of Montalaar
Drizel, runs along the coast paralel to bitter coast.
Freegreen, southern region from ebonheart runing west to montalaar and harsh lands
the names may change.

Current early version now available for Download so please chack ot out and let me know what yas think ;)

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