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Finally back to development after a few weeks of adjusting to a new job. Added a nice and smooth texture effect which allows for morphing of any texture and animation along a given path. Each module now possesses the ability to have an idle and cooldown animation.

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Some smaller updates but important for the next phase. Both of these implementations allow a wide range of new visuals to come in the near future. As these were the last tech updates for now we will focus our efforts on gameplay and visuals.

Texture Grid
Texture grid is basically a morphable grid which allows to bend and twist any texture to a given path. This allows for smooth thruster animations which look more real than simply attaching an animation to the end of the thrusters for example. In the coming weeks we will use the same method for most beam based weapons to create smooth animations of different lengths.

Module Overlays
Another important part of games is to make the player see clearly when an ability is ready or on cooldown. An easy way is to simply display it in the HUD (as we do as well) but a more nicer way is to animate it. For this purpose we added overlay effects which can be applied to each module on cooldown or on idle. This not only makes the game look more flashy but additionally allows the player to see if an enemy ship is ready to fire again.

The next few items on the TODO-List are mostly visual and gameplay implementations which allows for a few nice updates in the next few weeks. I think we have all seen the rockets and can move onto some other modules =) Sadly for those eager to get their hands on a beta have to wait for the beginning of next year.

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