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Spring: 1944 Operation Morgenrote (1.6) is out! This is meant to be a stable version for a good while, and represents a big improvement over 1.53.

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Hey all!

Just a quiet release: the dev team has been fairly busy in the last year or two with real life stuff, and so most of our releases have focused on the small community of existing players. That said, S44 remains an awesome multiplayer WWII RTS! And totally free! This update is a big jump from 1.53, our last publicly announced release, but folks who have been tracking our SVN or hanging out in #s44 probably won't notice much that's new (aside from a fixed CRAIG for bot-stomp play). The updates and fixes since 1.53 are too numerous to list - there are lots!

Apologies to all the folks who have been asking for a windows installer - we've been pretty inward-looking lately. If there still seems to be interest I'll see if I can whip up something simple sometime in the next month.

We're probably not going to be doing a whole lot with S44 for the foreseeable future, but we're by no means gone - no matter how far away we go, all of us devs end up circling back into poking at things every so often. Let us know if there's anything in particular you'd be excited about, especially if you'd like to implement something with our support.

As ever, instructions for grabbing S44 (Windows/Linux) may be found at our homepage.


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