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I'm gonna be working on this a bit more starting tonight, I said I'm not going to let this die, and I wont, because this is a game I love to play.

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Tonight, I'm going to work on filing down the mechanics after finishing the Dark Matter Organization's tech tree, unit count, and stability, and hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll figure out how to make the DMO as a fourth race, instead of simply replacing the TEC.

I don't plan on adding graphics, models, or music/sounds until after I have the whole of the DMO's tech tree, unit/structure manifest, and mechanics etched into stone, but that doesn't mean nobody can offer feedback and such about how they think it could improve... if you wish to try out the DMO race as it is, the alpha test is already up for download, so feel free to download and try it out :)

[About the attached image:]
The attached image is a (very) rough draft of the DMO's unmanned drone, one of hundreds that make up the 'swarms' acting as their fighter squadrons.


It is very easy to make a new race in Sins. All you need to do is give them their own Player<Race>.entity file and they're their own race. Just copy/paste the TEC one you're using, re-name it to PlayerDMO.entity and you've got your own separate race.

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Well the way I have it was modding the TEC race itself first, then pulling the TEC race files back once I have everything set for the DMO... Last night I have gotten most of the DMO files renamed and redirected, still have a long ways to go.

On a side note, it seems like the next Alpha will be up soonish, once I'm able to modify the ctual mechanics for the DMO itself the Betas will begin

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